Corner of Court & Elm Streets · 513-421-0110 in downtown Cincinnati

"Deliciously Friendly" - Washington Platform Saloon & Restaurant in Downtown Cincinnati

Washington Platform Saloon Tour


Guests begin the tour with the insider's history of Washington Platform, travel "over the Rhine" and take a vivid trip through OTR's immigrant origins, ethnic conflicts, industrial triumphs, and notorious intoxication. The tour features some of Cincinnati's most spectacular and iconic architecture, and ends with a trip into the a lagering cellar of the Gerke Brewery -- over two stories below ground - and ends where it began.

Ticket price is $20.

Tours start at 6:30PM Thursdays.

Ticket Holders receive 20% off all food purchases, directly before & after the tour!!

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Hot Deal Happy Hour

4:00-700 PM

Domestics & Drafts

1/2 Price Appetizers